Friday, January 19, 2007

Farm Bill Debate In Full Swing

As the A.P. reports (available here) that our hardworking members of Congress are starting to think about the Farm Bill. The American Farm Bureau Federation recently met in Salt Lake City, where they heard from Rep. Collin Peterson, the chair of the House Ag Committee as well as Ag Secretary Mike Johanns.

The A.P. story notes that the president's goals for the 2007 Farm Bill do not necessarily line up neatly with the goals set forth by Farm Bureau members, or with congressional desires.

Writers on this blog, and elsewhere, have exhorted regular folks to make their voices heard on this next Farm Bill. It's easier to make your voice heard, of course, if you know who needs to hear you. To that end, the following is a list of the people in the mix -- Congresspeople and Senators on the Ag Committees.

Democrat Members of the House Ag Committee include Chairman Peterson of Minnesota; Tim Holden of Pennsylvania; Mike McIntyre of North Carolina; Bob Etheridge of North Carolina; Leonard Boswell of Iowa (corrected from previous post); Joe Baca of California; Dennis Cardoza of California; David Scott of Georgia; Jim Marshall of Georgia; Stephanie Herseth of South Dakota; Henry Cuellar of Texas; Jim Costa of California; John Salazar of Colorado; Brad Ellsworth of Indiana; Nancy Boyda of Kansas; Zack Space of Ohio; Tim Walz of Minnesota; Kirsten Gillibrand of New York; Steve Kagen of Wisconsin; Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota; Lincoln Davis of Tennessee; John Barrow of Georgia; Nick Lampson of Texas; Joe Donnelly of Indiana; and Tim Mahoney of Florida

The 21 Republicans who will serve on the Committee are Ranking Member Bob Goodlatte of Virginia; Terry Everett of Alabama; Frank Lucas of Oklahoma; Jerry Moran of Kansas; Robin Hayes of North Carolina; Timothy Johnson of Illinois; Sam Graves of Missouri; Jo Bonner of Alabama; Mike Rogers of Alabama; Steve King of Iowa; Marilyn Musgrave of Colorado; Randy Neugebauer of Texas; Charles Boustany of Louisiana; Randy Kuhl of New York; Virginia Foxx of North Carolina; Michael Conaway of Texas; Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska; Jean Schmidt of Ohio; Adrian Smith of Nebraska; Kevin McCarthy of California; and Timothy Walberg of Michigan.

On the Senate side, the Ag Committee is chaired by Tom Harkin, of Iowa, and fellow Democrat members include Amy Klobuchar , Minnesota; Robert Casey, Jr., Pennsylvania; Sherrod Brown, Ohio; Ken Salazar, Colorado; Debbie Stabenow, Michigan; E. Benjamin Nelson, Nebraska; Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas; Max Baucus, Montana; Patrick J. Leahy, Vermont; Kent Conrad, North Dakota.

The ranking Republican member is Saxby Chambliss, (R-GA) joined by Richard G. Lugar, Indiana; Thad Cochran, Mississippi; Mitch McConnell, Kentucky; Pat Roberts, Kansas; Lindsey Graham, South Carolina; Norm Colemna, Minnesota; Mike Crapo, Idaho; John Thune , South Dakota; and Charles Grassley , Iowa.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Congressman Leonard Boswell of Iowa, not Brian.

1/22/2007 11:20 AM  
Blogger Morgan Holcomb said...

Thanks. I'll make the correction.

2/07/2007 3:55 PM  
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