Monday, August 11, 2008

Ideas for Articles Requested

As another academic year begins, I am preparing to advise two separate groups of students regarding article topics. And, I could use your help.

First, there is a new group of candidates joining our Journal of Food Law & Policy. These students will be looking suggestions for note and comment style articles. I usually recommend that they have a central focus for their project - a case, a statute, or in some instances, a rule. In the past, some have struggled by picking a topic that was too broad or one with too much policy and not enough law for such a focused task. Your suggestions are appreciated!

Second, we have a new LL.M. class arriving on the scene for the Graduate Program in Agricultural Law. These LL.M. candidates have a thesis requirement that translates into a publishable article requirement. They also need something with a clear focus, but their topic can command more research and in depth scholarly analysis. Acceptable topics include the wide variety of food law issues, environmental aspects of food and agricultural production, and international trade as well as a host of commercial law and farm policy issues. Again, specific topic suggestions are very welcome!

Feel free to email suggestions directly to me at It will be good to hear from you!


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