Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cattle Branding and Presidential Politics

This story is just made for the Agricultural Law blog. Cowboys and cattle that evoke images of Texas range land and independent ranchers; and maybe even early animal welfare concerns.

It turns out that the term "maverick," the signature image claimed by the Republican candidates McCain and Palin comes from Samuel Augustus Maverick, a Texas Rancher in the 1800s who refused to accept the practice of branding his cattle. His last name became associated with that of an independent-minded person, as as did unbranded cattle, also known as "Maverick's."

A nice little agricultural law connection to an election that has otherwise not been very much about food or agriculture.

But now for the news and the fun video - turns out that the Maverick family don't think much of John McCain, and the constant call out of their name is quite annoying.


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