Monday, January 05, 2009

AALS Events to Attend

The Agricultural Law Section meets on Friday, January 9th, at 8:30 AM, in Cardiff, South Tower/Level 3, San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina. Here is the program description:

The program this year will focus our section's attention on the definition of agricultural law. The program has two related goals: (1) consider the pedagogical and scholarly value of agricultural law, and (2) identify what belongs in the canon of agricultural law.

Given the various changes that the agricultural sector has undergone over the last twenty-five years, it is time to reconsider the roots of the subject matter to which our section is devoted. In addition to the panelists, the section hopes that those with an interest in agricultural law and experience teaching it will attend the meeting and participate in the discussion.

Business Meeting at Program Conclusion.

I've also received the following from Professor Chris Holman, which I happily pass along:

June Carbone, Chris Holman, and Andrew Torrance have organized a "Biolaw" panel at this year's annual AALS meetings which will focus on the intersection between Intellectual Property and Biology.

It will take place on Wednesday, January 7th, from 3:20-4:20 in Laguna, South Tower/Level 1, San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina.. The panel is entitled The Two Halves of Biolaw (Behavioral Biology and the Law of Biological Innovation), and will feature Dan Burk, Oliver Goodenough, Mark Janis, and Mark Lemley.

In addition to our distinguished panel, we will be soliciting signatures from attendees to form an official "Biolaw" section at AALS.

We have also organized an open program on Biolaw that will take place on Friday, January 9th, from 1:30-3:15 in Del Mar, South Tower/Level 3, San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina. During the open program, we will discuss the creation and organization of the "Biolaw" section.

We hope all of you are able to attend one or both of these Biolaw events, and that you will add your support to the formation of the Biolaw section.

Enjoy the programming and I hope to see you in San Diego.


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