Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Food Policy and Health Symposium at Stanford

I have recently had the opportunity to work with Stanford Law student Loren A. Crary, Articles Editor for the Stanford Law & Policy Review. Recognizing the significance of current issues of agricultural law and food policy, the Review is planning a Food Policy and Health Symposium. I am pleased to post the following call for submissions -

The Stanford Law & Policy Review seeks articles or short essays for publication in the Stanford Law & Policy Review’s upcoming symposium on “Food Policy and Health.”

The Stanford Law & Policy Review is an academic journal at Stanford Law School that explores current issues at the nexus of law and public policy. For each issue we solicit articles from prominent professors, judges, lawyers, political leaders, regulators, economists, and other experts (past contributors include then Governor Bill Clinton, Senator John McCain, and Governor Jeb Bush).

Through this symposium, we would like to explore the many ways United States policies directly and indirectly related to food have consequences for national health, broadly-defined. We hope to address all stages of the supply chain, including production, processing, transportation, sales and consumption. We would particularly like to highlight the ways agricultural production and the environment may be connected to health through food policy.

We welcome submissions on any subject relating to United States food policy and health including, but not limited to:
  • Structure and health-related effects of US agricultural subsidies, and other provisions of the Farm Bill.
  • Regulations of food production relating to the environment, including pesticides, agricultural water use, etc. and effects on health, and other agricultural laws related to health, for example regulation of antibiotic use.
  • Food safety regulation at all stages of supply chain.
  • Policy approaches towards nutrition, including school lunches and measures aimed at obesity.
  • Marketing law, including marketing to children; labeling law, including Country of Origin Labeling; and private labeling standards.
  • Regulation affecting food security and development of local and sustainable food systems including zoning law and other regulation related to urban agriculture.
Additionally, authors will be invited to present their articles at a live symposium at Stanford Law School during the 2009 – 2010 academic year. We will begin evaluating submissions for next year’s volume on June 15, 2009, so please submit your article by that date if you are interested in contributing. Articles should be between ten and forty double-spaced pages, not including notes and citations. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your submission. To submit an article, please e-mail it to slpr.foodpolicy@gmail.com.

Questions can be directed to Loren at lacrary@stanford.edu.


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