Thursday, April 30, 2009

Postive Yield and Production Impacts

By clicking on the title to this post, readers may go the the briefing note (17 April 2009) of PG Economics Limited about the Union of Concerned Scientists report titled "Failure to Yield." PG Economics writes that "the public, policy makers, stakeholders and media need to be aware of its [the UCS report] misleading nature through a combination of inappropriate use of data and omission of representative, relevant analysis."

Readers may also use the link at the end of this paragraph to read the PG Economics Limited "Focus on yield," a four page document about biotech crops directly addressing yield, socio-economic impacts, and environmental effects from 1996-2006. This four page document refers to a still lengthier PG Economics report published in a peer-reviewed journal, AgBioForum, from the University of Missouri.

Farmers are quite capable and knowledgeable about what occurs in their fields. Farmers would not grow or adopt biotech crops unless those crops provided agronomic, economic, and environmental benefits for the farmers. Millions of farmers around the world have grown transgenic crops on a cumulative total of 2 billion plus acres since 1996. Farmers can count and they count accurately. As the PG Economics documents show, the UCS report fails to count accurately. More importantly, the PG Economics documents provide the evidence of the positive yield and production impacts of biotech crops that farmers have experienced and are experiencing in 25 countries of the world.