Tuesday, November 10, 2009

FAO Report on Climate Change and Food Safety

The FAO issued a new report this week, Climate Change: Implications for Food Safety. While other impacts of global warming are more generally discussed, this report explores some of the food safety impacts that have yet to be widely considered.

Here is the abstract of the report:
The paper aims to identify potential impacts of anticipated changes in climate on food safety and their control at all stages of the food chain. The purpose is to raise awareness of the issue and to facilitate international cooperation in better understanding the changing food safety situation and in developing and implementing strategies to address them.

While this paper takes a broad look at a number of food safety issues and considers possible implications of climate change – it does not provide exhaustive treatment of the topic. The food safety issues covered include: agents of food-borne disease with specific consideration of zoonotic diseases, mycotoxin contamination, biotoxins in fishery products and environmental contaminants with significance to the food chain. The paper also highlights the need for adequate attention to food safety in ensuring preparedness for effective management of emergency situations arising from extreme weather events. There is much uncertainty about possible food safety implications of climate change. This paper discusses some expected effects that are supported by data; it also considers other issues that are largely speculative.


Blogger Chris M said...

Everyone knows that preventing climate change, or at least the worst consequences of it, is not going to be easy. While the task required is large and difficult, there are some simple, quick, and easy fixes that can make a real difference, and perhaps even buy us more time. But they are being ignored.


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