Monday, April 22, 2013

The Food Dialogues: Chicago

With a huge hat tip to The Food Dialogues, the BIO International Convention, and BIOtechNOW, Agricultural Law is pleased to rebroadcast the April 22, 2013, Food Dialogues, presented at the 2013 BIO convention in Chicago, by the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance®.

Colleen Lerro's article for BIOtechNOW presents the key details:

The Food Dialogues: Chicago panel on April 22 at the BIO Convention is called, “The Straight Story on Biotech In Agriculture: The Media and its Impact on Consumers.” Experts from multiple disciplines, including farmers, media, industry and acedmia will make up the dynamic panel to answer some of the toughest questions surrounding GMOs. They’ll discuss what more can be done by all sides – including those who are not in favor of the technology – to give consumers access to information that matters.

Ron Insana, senior analyst, CNBC and financial industry expert, will lend his expertise as the panel moderator. Panelists include:

This event is designed to answer America’s questions on some of today’s most provocative issues surrounding food and agriculture. The panelists will explore the many questions consumers have about biotechnology in agriculture – known more commonly to consumers as GMO. In particular, they will address what additional information consumers need access to as interest in this topic continues to grow.


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