Saturday, March 10, 2007

A New Kind of Casebook??

I am working on a new project - a book entitled Issues in the Law of Food & Agriculture (well, perhaps over the summer, I will also come up with a more creative title). In this book, I hope to present a number of different agricultural law topics, each of which represents an area of current relevance - an item that either is in the popular press or should be - perhaps some of the very things that have been written about in this blog.

For each of these topics, I will provide an introductory article that provides background and context, followed by excerpts from the relevant legal sources, i.e., statutes, regulations, or cases. Thought-provoking discussion questions will follow. Finally, each topic unit will conclude with a bibliography of sources. It is my hope that this book will encourage professors to wade into the waters of teaching agricultural law, food law, or most appropriately, the law of food and agriculture.

I would like to do this project as an electronic book available through a website. This would enable hot links throughout, allow low cost or free distribution, and make editing for individual use a breeze. Perhaps others could contribute, and we would eventually have many units from which a professor could choose. Now, questions for blog readers: How wedded are law profs to those pricey casebooks that are published in hard copy? Is my electronic venture worth a try? Does anyone have any suggestions for the project?


Blogger Greg Touchton said...

My professor hasn't found a book he likes and uses an incomplete manuscript. If you could make sure he knew about it, he might be willing to change. You might consider emailing professors for ag law found using the law school website search.

3/11/2007 4:29 AM  

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