Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The Dec. 9 edition of Nebraska headlines is here. Notable developments include the possibility of farm bill reform (i.e., increasing loan rates) given current production conditions, public pressure on livestock production, and looming credit concerns for the more capital intensive sectors of the industry.

The Farm Foundation's recent report can also be found here.

Finally, if you can get your hands on the Environmental Law Reporter from the Environmental Law Institute, the December 2008 issues devotes its coverage to consumption as a piece of our climate change effort. Notably, two articles directly address agriculture: Corn Futures: Consumer Politics, Health, and Climate Change, by Jedediah Purdy and James Salzman, and Sustainable Consumption Governance in the Amazon, by Lesley K. McAllister. I also recommend the introduction by Doug Kysar and Michael Vandenbergh.

And I almost forgot this story about selling the farm.


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