Friday, March 20, 2009


Although I love the "Rabbit's Vegetable Garden" photo in my previous post on this issue, this one is pretty cool, too. I have to admit that I do not look this good when I garden. That said, Mrs. Obama is good with a shovel. And, she was great with the kids.

The concept of gardening with school children and of adding food and gardening in to the school curriculum is one that is showing up all over the country with very positive results. Consider that while the Edible Schoolyard was mentioned in the Alice Waters post, on the opposite coast, the South Carolina Department of Agriculture is sponsoring the School Gardens Program directed by Beth Crocker, an alumnus of our LL.M. in Agricultural Law program.

Connecting children to good food, and developing an understanding of and appreciation for the natural processes involved raising our food is a hopeful sign for our future food system.


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