Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update: USDA and Shirley Sherrod

The NBC Nightly News featured a story this evening on Shirley Sherrod and the reports of her "racist" remarks. It confirmed the post I did this morning, Politics and Race in Agriculture. The full and unedited tape of her comments revealed that she told the meeting of the NAACP the same story I heard her tell last year - a story of how black and white need to come together to help each other. The white farmer and his wife referenced in the story even came forward to voice their support. The NAACP, who initially condemned her remarks, admitted that they had been "snookered" by the false news report.

If good people are forced to resign whenever an unscrupulous blogger or TV news station presents a false story about them, it only serves to give power to those who make up these lies.

I am hoping that Secretary Vilsack will do the honorable thing and admit that a mistake was made. Maybe then, this story can serve as a platform for an honest discussion of the lies making their way through the media these days.

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